A few years back, I was living in Denver, and I had the pleasure of connecting with Sebastian Taylor, a healer, creator, and screenwriter based in Savannah, GA.

In addition to his many passions, Sebastian is also the CEO of ReLogics, a company that provides stem cell therapy in Florida.

With over 72 clinical trials and more than 1000 patients, ReLogics helps clients' unlock their bodies inner wisdom by harnessing the power of their own stem cells.

Sebastian and I worked together to completely rebrand and redesign his website,

Our goal was to create a brand that touched on ancient wisdom and the mystery and potential of our autologous stem cells, the ones that exist in our blood and bone marrow. We also wanted to assure prospective clients that treatments are safe, ethical and effective.

We created user personas, wrote user stories, and then crafted captivating copy to drive SEO.

It was an honor to work on such a cool project. Thanks, ReLogics!

Check out the case study video here:

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