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This package is for business owners looking to develop their digigal presence with value-add content. 


What's Value-Add Content Tho?


Value-Add Content is anything that adds value to a prospective client's day. For example, as a deli owner, you might share a recipe that incorporates a few items from your store. 


By sharing your recipes, checklists, how-tos, videos et cetera, you're gently reminding your clients (past, present, and future) that you're a subject matter expert, that your product exists, and that your business EXISTS to SERVE


This Package Includes


  1. Six monthly blog posts. 
  2. Copy for six email campaigns.
  3. Instagram and Facebook posts to share your blog on social media. 
  4. One piece of gated content.




Email Or DM me on instagram @double_adesign.


The Fine Print


All copy will be delivered via Google Drive. Revisions should also be requested via the comment tool on Google Drive.